Mom's Surprise Lexus - Christmas 2011

My stint in the VBlog world lasted a mere day...

Oh, mom. You and your "creative" christmas gifts. You thought you'd one-uped me with this culturally significant Christmas cookie dish that you told me I had to open last... Not a chance. As we "pretend" to be done opening gifts, Josh flicks on the Roku to watch the Israel video that Mom had seen a bajillion times by now when he exclaims, "What is this nonsense, brother?"

"Oh! Nothing," I pretended to exclaim in embarrassment. "A few people are doing this video-blog thing now and I thought'd be a fun day to start." Josh hits play and I mysteriously disappear; walking quietly out the garage and suddenly a full on sprint up the street to pull around the Lexus IS250 AWD I parked on the cul-de-sac adjacent to my parents.

Poor mom... Just trying to be supportive of what appears to be a terrible idea of a hobby. :)